December 15, 2014


MHPS Receives Order for Steam Turbine and Generator Set To Convert Existing Gas Turbine Power Plant in the Dominican Republic To GTCC System


Lake Mary, FL  – Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd. (MHPS) has received an order for a steam turbine and generator with an output of approximately 120 megawatts (MW) for AES Dominicana, a power utility in the Dominican Republic. The equipment on order will be used to convert an existing gas turbine power generation plant at Los Mina to a combined cycle system. Delivery will be made through Técnicas Reunidas, S.A., a Spanish engineering firm responsible for EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) on the project. Operation of the newly configured system is slated to commence in January 2017.


The order for the steam turbine and generator was received through Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Inc.

(MHPSA), MHPS’s base in the United States.


The project at hand calls for the conversion of the Los Mina Power Plant located in the outskirts of Santo Domingo, capital city of the Dominican Republic. Through the addition of the steam turbine, generator and other equipment to the existing gas turbines, a gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) system will be created with the dual aims of enhancing fuel efficiency and increasing the plant’s output to near 320 MW. Once the new GTCC system goes into operation, it will respond with robust reliability and output capacity to meet the demand for electric power in the broader Santo Domingo area, a region undergoing steady economic development.


The new order is MHPS’s second received from the Dominican Republic. Previously, in 2002 MHPS supplied a GT and ST for the AES Andres Plant.


In a GTCC system, a gas turbine is used to generate power and the high-temperature waste heat that is produced is utilized to drive a steam turbine, resulting in a power generation system of outstanding efficiency. Superlative fuel efficiency translates to an effective use of energy and contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. MHPS has delivered a large number of GTCC systems with their core equipment in both the domestic and global markets, thereby earning a widespread reputation for exceptional technological capability and reliability while developing its proven track record. As indicated by the project involving the newest order, today MHPS is also vigorously involved in projects to convert existing gas turbine power plants to combined cycle systems.


MHPS offers a full range of products for thermal power generation systems and is in a prime position to provide total solutions in the power generation field. Going forward, the company will continue to respond precisely to the diverse needs of the market and customers as its way of contributing to the development of countries and regions around the world.

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