Responsive Support

Comprehensive and rapid response field service solutions, utilizing experienced personnel with safe practices to meet schedule and quality requirements.


Safety is foremost as demonstrated by Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems’ consistently outstanding safety record reflecting the dedication, professionalism, and commitment of our Field Service Engineering team.


Field Service Solutions

Turnkey Outage Services

Experienced Field Service Personnel

Project Management

Full Rotor Disassembly & Inspection

Specialized Outage Tooling (CI, TI, MI)

Balancing & Tuning Support

Emergency Support

Technical Advisory Services

Outage Parts Kits




Quality Repairs

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems achieves quality and dependable repair solutions by maintaining all major repair activities in-house. MHPS’ controlled operations provide flexible repair schedules from comprehensive to basic scopes of work.


MHPS’ mission is to minimize repair lead times and maximize the component life for planned and emergency outage support for a wide range of manufacturers.


Dependable Solutions

Detailed Inspection Reports

Chemical Strip Coatings

NDE & Visual Manufacturing

In-House Metallurgical Lab

Life Extension Assessments

Automated Welding

Ultrasonic & Chemical Cleaning




Performance Improvements

Performance-driven gas turbine upgrades supporting power providers' needs. Customers can achieve significant increases in power and reliability on existing gas turbines.


Turnkey installations of new improved factory-tested MHPS designs feature extended life and higher capacity.


Reliable Upgrades

Output Increase

Extended Operation Intervals

Advanced Combustor Pressure Fluctuation Monitoring (ACPFM)

Efficiency Improvements

Emissions Improvement




Data Acquisition & Diagnostic Tools

All data points received from each unit are streamed into the Remote Monitoring Center (RMC) in virtual real-time and stored for no less than two years for historical reference, making this system a very dynamic troubleshooting tool. Approximately 1,000 to 1,200 data points are monitored for each gas turbine configuration, including all of the auxiliary system information. The RMC supports multiple technologies over a wide range of manufacturers.


Twenty-Four Hour Access

The RMC utilizes a secured monitoring system, allowing only customers and the RMC staff access to real-time unit information from any web-based computer in the world. RMC Operators and Engineers have the ability to log into every aspect of our monitoring system to provide timely assistance and support after normal business hours. Customers use this convenient web feature to view current plant conditions and operation history while away from the plant.




Proven Performance

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems is the leading provider of durable and reliable Gas Turbine parts.


Comprehensive inventory of spares and replacement parts to support scheduled and forced outages for a wide range of manufacturers. Global operating history and proven engineering support offer reliable performance and availability.


Reliable Upgrades

OEM and Non-OEM Parts

Turbine Parts

Combustor Parts

Compressor Parts

Consumable Parts

Balance of Plant Support



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